Supply of hydrocarbon and cryogenic gases in ISO Tanks or Bulk.

Our association has 20 years of experience specialising in the international trading, marketing and logistics of petrochemical liquids and cryogenic gases. Servicing the global LNG Industry with long term supplies of specialty chemicals and refrigeration gases with up to 100 ISO Tanks under management at any one time.


Product: supplied to agreed specification:

ISO Containers: Sourcing, leasing and new builds of speciality ISOs with correct specification for product delivery to requested location for the agreed term.   Inspection, repairs and re-certification of customer owned ISO’s, if required.

Carriage: In specialised ISO containers appropriate to required product’s safe carriage, UN # , classification and carriage temperature. Return of empty ISO’s.

Freight: Truck, rail, ship or combination from manufacturer to site nominated by our customer.

Supply Chain and Safety Management: Management of shipment logistics and safety management routine throughout the delivery process.


  • Argon
  • Butane
  • Butadiene
  • Ethylene
  • Ethane
  • LNG
  • Nitrogen
  • Propylene
  • Propane
  • Other gases supplied as required
Messer Container

Process involved:

  • Technical pre-inspection & re-certification of ISO containers before filling
  • High pressure rating of units
  • Pre-fill tank preparation and cooling
  • Product Purchase, ISO delivery to site and filling
  • Post fill inspection and minimum 48 hour monitoring prior shipment
  • Arrangement of sea freight. Only known and respected shipping lines are used
  • Tank pressures monitoring every 24/48 hours by a qualified Engineer from time of filling until final delivery
  • Weekly reporting includes pressure readings
  • Clearing and delivering to customer
  • Empty tank return

Experience, reliability, safety:

Our experience includes a 15 year track record of success delivering Refrigerant gases (Ethylene, Propane, Butane) to LNG Plants. Supply of pre start up engineering advice and product through , actual start up , post start up volumes as required and then full operation term supply contract LNG Plants supplied:

  • Darwin LNG Australia  – 12 years and still supplying ethylene
  • Yemen LNG – start up volume only ( propane/ethylene) – delivered to plant then plant became self sufficient
  • Peru LNG from start-up still supplying and delivering – 7 years
  • Equatorial Guinea LNG (EGLNG) – from start-up still supplying and delivering – 7 years
  • Atlantic LNG – took over supply and management of ethylene supply contract – 6 years
  • Angola LNG – 7 years from pre start up to date
  • BOC UK – specialty refrigerant gas deliveries
Safety First

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