Integrity of Product / Security

Blue Ocean Wash prides itself on having the world renowned CEFAS Gold certification. In order for Blue Ocean Oil to maintain this high standard we have to prove traceability from a product point of view and security from a product tampering point of view. The end user should be able to know that firstly the product supplied has not been opened and tampered with and secondly that if there is an issue with the product that there is full traceability to isolate the problem area.

  • Traceability of Product Integrity. All manufactured products have batch numbers. All batch numbers are tested and samples are kept in storage for six months to a year so they can be retested in case of quality issues.
  • Security. Drums have tamper proof tops and IBC’s have referenced seals on the top and seals on the valve. Any stock received should be signed for by the Blue Ocean Wash supplier and the customer consignee as untampered with. Any stock which on delivery can be shown to be open by the customer should be declined.

Tamper Proof Seals – IBC’s


Seal 1


Seal 2


Seal 3

Drum Cap Seals

Drum Cap Seal

Drum Cap Seal

Quality Control

Retention Samples